Another Australia Day gathering in the UK

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Tomorrow we’re off to Campbell MacPherson’s place for a big Aussie Day bash. The marquee is up, the guest list is out, and we’re raring to go!

So what kind of stuff do you actually play, besides that ‘Woollooomoloo’ thing, you ask?

Well, you may be surprised to know that – contrary to popular opinion in the UK – Australia has a rich folk music tradition. We play the songs of the early settlers; about convicts, bushrangers, squatters and shearers. And modern ones in that genre, too.

Here’s 20 or so from a typical set-list – see how many you know or recognise:

Watlzing Matilda
Lights on the Hill (Slim Dusty)
Rabbiters Song
Brisbane Ladies
Botany Bay
Aussie BBQ (Eric Bogle)
When the rain tumbles down in July (Dusty)
Cootamundra Wattle (John Williamson)
Queensland Whalers (Harry Robertson)
Drover’s Dream
Poor Ned (Trevor Lucas)
Road to Gundagai
Billy of Tea
Diamantina Drover (Hugh McDonald)
Land Down Under (Men at Work)
Clancy of the Overflow (Banjo Patterson)
Flash Jack from Gundagai
I’ve Been Everywhere (Geoff Mack)
Give me a home among the Gumtrees (Johnson/Brown)
Drinkers of the Territory (Ted Egan)
TAB Punters Song (John Dengate)

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    And where is Campbell MacPherson’s place?

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